Department of
Business Administration

Key Initiatives

Category Serial number Program faculty members-in-charge articipating faculty members
Academic curriculum 1 Research on curriculum reform based on societal demands Lee Yeong-chan
Moon Tae-soo
All Faculty of management
2 Diversification of lecture models Back Jung-han
Jung Jae-jin
3 Development of Capstone Design courses
4 Development and promotion of online-based class models Lee Young-chan
5 Introduction of a basic academic capacity (graduation) certification system for interdisciplinary department programs Lim Yeong-kwan
undergraduate student training 6 Mentoring and capacity building program for overseas start-up Lee Yoo-kyeong
Ahn Young-kyu
7 Operation of a special counseling program at the Department of Business Administration Oh Jong-moon
8 Courses available exclusively to international students Mentoring program Lee Yoo-kyeong
Lee Yeong-chan
regional cooperation (industry-academia cooperation) 9 Field practice - Visiting program to public institutions and private corporations Kim Eui-chang
10 Field practice - Immersive field experience program Gill Jong-goo
11 Field practice - Industry-academia cooperation network program Jeong Jae-jin
Gil Jong-goo
Bae Han-soo
12 Field practice programs
13 Employment (start-up) clubs Lim Yeong-gwan
14 Support programs for professional qualifications Baek Jeong-han
undergraduate student training 15 Symposiums/forums for each academic major Joo Jae-hoon
16 Online promotion and management of Department information Lim Yeong-gwan
17 Special lectures on job-seeking techniques and strategies Gill Jong-goo
internationalization programs 18 Supporters program for international students at the Department of Business Administration Lee Yu-kyeong
19 Integrated management program for international students at the Department of Business Administration Lee Yu-kyeong
20 Overseas field study program Lee Yu-kyeong
other academic programs 21 Program to stimulate specialized initiatives at the Department of Business Administration Jung Jae-jin