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Business Administration

Graduate Program


  • The Dongguk University Graduate School was established on February 6, 1953, when Dongguk University was promoted to a full-fledged comprehensive university. To date, the Graduate School has produced 5,200 masters, 1,500 doctors, and 90 honorary doctors, all of whom are serving at various levels of society and across a broad spectrum of disciplines such as politics, business, and legal circles. Thanks to some extremely well-designed programs and initiatives, Dongguk University Graduate School students have become indispensable members of our democratic society, and are leading the way in further globalizing Korea.
  • The curriculum at the Graduate School is a four-semester system that typically takes two years to complete. The Gyeongju campus accepts a maximum of 100 students each year (75 master students and 25 doctorate students).

Academic Direction

The Graduate School aims to contribute to the globalization of Korean culture, and the realization of an ideal human society by developing high-quality professionals equipped with an excellent moral compass and creativity. To do so, it uses profound teachings and research on academic theories as well as practical applications required moving forward.
  • 01We should cultivate moral volunteers
  • 02We should cultivate creative experts
  • 03We should cultivate enterprising technicians

Academic Majors

Master and Doctorate Degree Program

Colleges Department Recruit Subject Recruit Process Academic Majors
Master Integrated Master and Doctorate Degree Program Doctorate
Business and Economics Society Hotel Management, Tourism and Leisure Management o o o Hotel Management, Tourism and Leisure Management, Event Management, Food Service and Restaurant Management
Business Administration o Organization/human resource management, production management, managerial performance evaluation, business information, marketing, financial management

Inter-Departmental Collaborative Courses

Colleges Department Collaborative Courses Recruit Process Academic Majors Linked to Departmental
Master Integrated Master and Doctorate Degree Program Doctorate
Business and Economics Society Techno-Management Collaborative course, o o Business Informatics, Information Technology Information Management, Business Administration, Information and Communication Engineering
International Business Collaborative course o o Global Business Business Administration, Accounting, Information Management, Economics and Finance, International Commerce