Department of
Business Administration


Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus develops “true leaders”
with the talent to serve local and global communities
Welcome to the Department of Business Administration at Dongguk University’s prestigious Gyeongju Campus.
The recent shift in management paradigm, driven by the “4th industrial revolution” and the concepts of “convergence” and “globalization,” demands creative and talented individuals equipped with the necessary skills to solve a myriad of complex problems emerging in business environments around the world. Among a variety of competencies, globally competitive and creative individuals must have the professionalism, passion, the ability to recognize emerging trends, the ability to communicate and collaborate with others, and a strong moral compass that can help them stand out on the global stage.

Accordingly, the faculty at the Department of Business Administration focuses on teaching the latest theories and professional skills in business administration so that students can grow as “creative and multi-talented individuals” who can be competent on the global stage thanks to a wide range of experiences and a broader perspective on business affairs.

The Department of Business Administration currently offers three academic majors - Business Administration, Information Management, and Accounting - as part of its “interdisciplinary undergraduate program” designed to effectively teach various management-related expertise to its students. Moreover, the Department of Business Administration develops and operates a number of different academic programs each year through its “Undergraduate Specialization Program” to satisfy the evolving academic needs of students. The Undergraduate Specialization Program features initiatives such as the Convergence Reading Competency Contest, Mentoring Program to Build Overseas Start-up Capacities, Overseas Market Tour Program, Field Practice and Employment/Start-up Network Building Program, Employment/Start-up Club Support Program, Professional Certification/License Acquisition Support Program, Social Demand-based Curriculum Reorganization Program, Lecture Model Diversification Program, and a variety of online-based teaching models.

In addition to the above initiatives, the faculty at the Department of Business Administration promises to remain dedicated to theirs students, keep a passionate attitude towards teaching, and always consider students’ perspective in conducting its academic affairs.

I sincerely hope that all of you can join us in the challenge of developing creative and multi-talented individuals who can be competent on the global stage.
Ahn Young-gyu Director, Department of Business Administration at Dongguk University (Gyeongju Campus)