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  • Current Member Count: 70
  • Club Chairperson: Kim Han-soo (Junior, Business Administration)

Dongguk University! As a club, MGT hosts baseball matches, runs practice sessions, and attends professional baseball games to make sure its members can have fun through baseball. It also participates in a variety of other events to give business administration students a chance to lead a happier, more dynamic student life.



  • Current Member Count: 13
  • Club Chairperson: Park Joon-ha (Senior, Business Administration)

Hello, everyone! Thank you for your interest in the academic club DIY. Our club was established in the second semester of 2019. Our members are interested in a wide variety of academic fields and cultures that can help with university life. As such, we participate voluntarily in various programs organized by the university’s job center, various contests as well as programs aimed at helping students manage their academic credits and earn various professional qualifications.


Nuribom (Academic)

  • Current Member Count: 30
  • Club Chairperson: Lee Seong-hee (Senior, Business Administration)

The Nuribom Club aims to help Korean and Vietnamese students interact with one another and adjust to school life. It hopes to create a pleasant environment for students, and invite members to engage themselves in various activities (professional qualifications, volunteer programs, competitions, cultural events, etc.).


Social Venture Start-up Club (Academic)

  • Current Member Count: 17
  • Club Chairperson: Cha Mi-rae (Junior, Information Management)

The Social Venture Start-up Club was created to achieve sustainable social goals by participating in competitions aimed at solving various social problems, gaining various experiences, and discussing solutions devised by its members.


Sinsaimdang (Football)

  • Current Member Count: 90
  • Club Chairperson: Kim Jae-yoon (Senior, Business Administration)

Welcome to football club Sinsaimdang for business administration majors. As a club, we play football and try to help our members lead a hassle-free life at Dongguk University. Members can hang out with each other through various interactive programs designed to encourage younger students to interact with older students even if they are not particularly huge fans of football.


Hanbaram (Football)

  • Current Member Count: 55
  • Club Chairperson: Ahn Sol (Junior, Information Management)

Hanbaram is the football club for information management majors. The club is open to all students (both male and female students) who are passionate about football, those who want to learn football, and those who are looking for opportunities to socialize with other students. Hanbaram meets at least once a week to play futsal or football, then eat together as a club afterwards..


Meojeori (Basketball)

  • Current Member Count: 30
  • Club Chairperson: Cho Seong-eon (Sophomore, Business Administration)

Welcome to Meojeori, the only basketball club for business administration majors at Dongguk University. Our club is specifically for business administration students interested in basketball. Of course, we also offer a variety of activities other than basketball, including club retreats. Meojeori has a large member base and older business administration students, which helps create a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Also, we compete in Dongguk University’s basketball league, “DKBL,” which means everyone has a chance to play basketball on a regular basis. Meojeori has different activities for different skill levels and for all genders. We have programs for beginners and female students, so do not hesitate to make a membership inquiry. Gender truly does not matter. Join us at Meojeori for some light-hearted fun and a more exciting university experience.


MBA (Academic)

  • Current Member Count: 62
  • Club Chairperson: Park Tae-joon (Senior, Business Administration)

Hello!! To all of our first-year students, congratulations on joining the Dongguk University family!

The MBA is an academic club for business administration majors, where students can select and study subjects relevant to business administration together. MBA’s main activities are as follows

  • 1. Participate in both on-campus and off-campus contests related to business administration to gain experience (the club shares information on upcoming contests/competitions through its group chat room)
  • 2. Share information on University scholarship programs and other useful tips
  • 3. Facilitate free communication between older and younger students, and offer counseling on social or academic issues
  • 4. Encourage student interaction by creating a dynamic atmosphere and hosting various recreational activities
  • 5. Encourage students to participate in group dinners and events

Our academic club tries to create a comfortable atmosphere, which helps students further their interest in the discipline of business administration, and an environment that makes everyone’s life at Dongguk University much more enjoyable.

* Awards won by the MBA club last year *

  • -Winner at the Pohang-si Debating Competition (3rd place in the Gyeongsangbuk-do Competition)
  • -Awarded the Grand Prize at the Jeil Construction Environment Contest
Inquiries: Class Support Office, Department of Business Administration, 2F of Jinheung Building (054-770-2469)