Department of
Business Administration

Graduate School of Management


  • Graduate School of Management was established in 2009 to develop innovative leaders for local economies equipped with professional knowledge and the latest managerial techniques. Graduate School of Management runs all of its academic programs in the evening to facilitate working students. This helps working students to complete their postgraduate degree programs without discontinuing their careers.
  • stgraduate degree programs without discontinuing their careers. · The Master of Business Administration’s degree program typically takes 2.5 years (five semesters) to complete, while the Chief Executive Officer Program (Advanced Management Program), which is a non-degree program, takes one year to complete.
Process Department Course Annual Quota Ect
Degree course Department of Business Administration 5th semester 20 Master of Business Administration
Non-degree course AMP 2nd semester 00



  • Graduate School of Management aims to develop leaders in business administration equipped with the requisite professional knowledge in managerial affairs.
  • Graduate School of Management aspires to create a platform for human networks in local communities.
  • Graduate School of Management is committed to providing unique and differentiated management consulting services.


The academic objective at Graduate School of Management is to develop talented individuals equipped with corporate ethics, leadership, expertise, communication, and risk management capabilities required by managers tasked to lead our society in the 21st-century information age.