Department of
Business Administration

Undergraduate Program


The Department of Business Administration operates as part of the University’s “Interdisciplinary Academic Department System” launched in 2018, which aims to develop talented individuals equipped with the professional capacities developed in anticipation of the 4th industrial revolution. Unlike the University’s existing undergraduate system, the Interdisciplinary Academic Department System recruits students into different academic majors, then teaches students under an integrated education model that converges similar majors under a universal curriculum developed specifically for the Interdisciplinary Academic Department System. Under this universal curriculum, students are given a chance to further strengthen their understanding of foundational subjects and explore career options based on their academic majors. Also, when students enter their junior year, the Department offers students a broader range of academic majors to choose from and gives them a chance to select a new major altogether. During their final year, students take intensive courses in their chosen academic major and seek opportunities to find employment in relevant fields. This is a policy the University hopes to use moving forward to provide a more flexible framework in which students can begin their tertiary studies under one academic major, then complete their studies under a different major if necessary.

Academic Direction

  • 01Guarantee diverse learning opportunities and a wider range of academic majors to choose from
  • 02Improve commonality and universality by strengthening education in foundational subjects
  • 03Develop professionals in each academic major that meet demands or the industry
  • 04Boost synergy through departmental specialization initiatives and linkage with key projects at the University

Curriculum Information

Graduation Criteria

Department Electives Single Major Universally Certified Courses Double Major Required
MSC Primary
Department of Business Administration 19 15 3 63 - - 48 36 130

Standard Completion Schedule

Major Business Administration Major Accounting Major Information Management Major Required Credits
Specialized Major Courses (Intensive) - Junior~Senior years 33 credits + Employment Seminar (2 credits) 30 credits + Employment Seminar (2 credits) 30 credits + Employment Seminar (2 credits) 32credit
Foundational Major Courses - Sophomore year Major-based Career Search Program (1 credit) 3 credits/6 credits + Major-based Career Search Program (1 credit) 3 credits/3 credits + Major-based Career Search Program (1 credit) 4credits 31credits
Universal Undergraduate Courses - Sophomore year 18credits/27credits 18credits
Universal Undergraduate Courses - Freshman year 9credits/9credits 9credits