Department of
Business Administration


Faculty Counseling


  • 01Operation of guidance and counseling models tailored to each student’s life cycle
  • 02Supporting college life and facilitating successful adjustment through active and comfortable academic/psychological counseling
  • 03Improving the Department’s career guidance function with professional employment counseling based on academic majors
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Counseling Process

01 Advisor (Professor) 02 University (Undergraduate) 03 Advisor (Professor) 04 University (Undergraduate) 05 Advisor (Professor)
During office hours, assign/specify advisor (professor) Check notices available on DREAMS and faculty labs Conduct counseling and enter results in DREAMS Check the progress of counseling sessions Collaborate with specialized counseling departments depending on the type of counseling

Mandatory Counseling

  • All enrolled students are required to receive mandatory counseling from the advisor every semester (freshman/senior students: minimum twice per semester; sophomore/junior students: minimum once per semester).
  • At the end of each semester, counseling results will be included in each student’s report card under the “Career Development and Counseling” field.(P/F. 0 Credit)
Grade Each report card will specify the number of mandatory counseling sessions completed each semester Issues linked with academic subjects Whether or not the student has met counseling requirements (Pass or Fail).
1, 4 2 times
  • each report card issued at the end of each semester will feature information related to extra-curricular programs in the “Career Development and Counseling” field as well.
  • Career Development and Counseling results : P/F, 0 credit
  • Do not affect the student’s grade point average
  • Pass : P
  • Fail : F
2, 3 1 time