Department of
Business Administration

Academic Objectives

Develop talented future managers equipped to work and compete on the global stage

The academic objective of the Department of Business Administration is to systematically educate students with academic theory and practical knowledge in order to develop talented future managers who can be competitive on the global stage and become the foundation of Korea’s future industries. Based on a thorough understanding of foundational subjects, such as business administration, accounting, and Information Management, the Department of Business Administration offers in-depth training on analytical approaches pertaining to management and rational decision-making methods.

Develop experts who actively respond to environmental changes

In order to produce experts equipped with a balanced view of companies and organizations, and talented managers who can actively respond to environmental changes, the Department of Business Administration has academic programs designed to cultivate creative thinking skills and self-development capabilities. Through these programs, the Department hopes to contribute to the development of various communities and our country.

Develop talented future managers capable of contributing to local communities

In particular, the Department of Business Administration hopes to develop talented future managers with the requisite capacities to work for and contribute to local communities and innovative business models tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises in major manufacturing industries such as the automobile, steel, metal, machinery, shipbuilding, and electronics industries, which are often strategic industries promoted within a particular region, and major service industries such as the distribution, logistics, and tourism industries.