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Current Faculty Information

Major Academic Research Name Contact Lab
Business Administration Supply Chain Management (SCM) Park Sang-beom 054-770-2326 Jinheung-gwan 4F
Corporate Finance, Investment Theory Kim Hung-sik 054-770-2328 Jinheung-gwan 4F
Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Investment Theory Ahn Young-gyu 054-770-2323 Jinheung-gwan 4F
International Business Administration, International Marketing, International Management Strategy Lee Yoo-kyeong 054-770-2329 Jinheung-gwan 1F
High-Tech Marketing, Service Marketing, Digital Convergence, Pricing Strategy Son Min-hee 054-770-2354 Jinheung-gwan 5F
Business Administration Theory Charles Arthur Robb 054-770-2342 Jinheung-gwan 2F
Production Management Gil Jong-goo 054-770-2314 Jinheung-gwan 1F
Accounting Accounting Information System Jeong Jae-jin 054-770-2330 Jinheung-gwan 4F
Tax Accounting Oh Jong-moon 054-770-2331 Jinheung-gwan 1F
Financial Accounting Lim Yeong-gwan 054-770-2353 Jinheung-gwan 4F
Accounting Baek Jeong-han 054-770-2839 Jinheung-gwan 5F
Financial Accounting Bae Han-soo 054-770-2325 Jinheung-gwan 3F
Information Management Parallel Processing, Dispersion Index Kim Eui-chang 054-770-2345 Jinheung-gwan 2F
MIS/E-Commerce Joo Jae-hoon 054-770-2346 Jinheung-gwan 2F
Information Protection (Encryption Protocol) Song Yoo-jin 054-770-2347 Jinheung-gwan 1F
Management Informatics Moon Tae-Soo 054-770-2344 Jinheung-gwan 2F
Knowledge Management, Enterprise Performance Measurement, Data Mining, Complex System Theory, Multi-Criteria Decision Making Lee Yeong-chan 054-770-2317 Jinheung-gwan 4F
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    Park Sang-beomProfessor

    • SubjectManagement Science, Production Management, Quality Management, Small Business Management Theory, Str
  • 02.jpg

    Kim Hung-sikProfessor

    • SubjectManagement Statistics, Financial Management, Financial Institution Theory, Investment Theory
  • 03.jpg

    Ahn Young-gyuProfessor

    • SubjectInternational Finance, Capital Market Theory, Business Analysis, Startup Investment
  • 04.jpg

    Lee Yoo-kyeongAssociate Professor

    • SubjectGlobal Management, International Management Strategy, International Marketing, China Business Capsto
  • 증명사진(손민희).jpg

    Son Min-heeAssociate Professor

    • SubjectConsumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Marketing Communication, Capstone Design for Marketing
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    Charles Arthur RobbAssistant Professor

    • SubjectManagement Science, Production Management, Quality Management, Small Business Management Theory, Str
  • 07.jpg

    Gil Jong-gooAssistant Professor

    • SubjectBusiness Administration Employment Seminar 1 and 2, Quality Management, Business and Society
  • 08.jpg

    Jeong Jae-jinProfessor

    • SubjectDecision-making Accounting, Cost Accounting, Computerized Accounting, Computational Tax Practice Cap
  • 09.jpg

    Oh Jong-moonAssociate Professor

    • SubjectIntroduction to Tax Law, Tax Law, Stock Market and Accounting, Indirect Tax Accounting, Tax Accounti
  • 10.jpg

    Lim Yeong-gwanAssistant Professor

    • SubjectFinancial Accounting 2, Accounting Audit, Financial Accounting Practice Capstone Design, Financial A
  • 11.jpg

    Baek Jeong-hanAssistant Professor

    • Subject Accounting Theory, Cost Management Accounting Practice, Non-profit Accounting
  • 12.jpg

    Kim Eui-changProfessor

    • SubjectData Management, Database Management, Ubiquitous Business, Big Data Management
  • 13.jpg

    Joo Jae-hoonProfessor

    • Subjecte-Business Strategy, e-Commerce, Knowledge Management and Comprehensive Design
  • 14.jpg

    Song Yoo-jinProfessor

    • SubjectInformation Security, Programming Language, Network Management Comprehensive Design, Introduction to
  • 15.jpg

    Moon Tae-SooProfessor

    • SubjectInternet Marketing, MIS Comprehensive Design, Introduction to ERP, Logistics and Supply Chain Manage
  • 16.jpg

    Lee Yeong-chanProfessor

    • SubjectBusiness and Data Mining, Business and Design Thinking, Business and Social Network Analysis
  • 17.jpg

    Bae Han-sooAssistant Professor

    • SubjectAccounting Principles, Financial Data Analysis, Start-up and Business Management
  • 18.jpg

    Choi Sang-yeong Emeritus Professor

    • SubjectTax Accounting
  • 19.jpg

    Yoon Jin-hoEmeritus Professor

    • SubjectManagement Accounting
  • 20.jpg

    Kim Yeong-jaeEmeritus Professor

    • SubjectHuman Resource Management
  • 21.jpg

    Kim Oh-wooEmeritus Professor

    • SubjectOperations Research