Department of
Business Administration

Career Guidance

Business Administration

Graduates who have majored in the field of business administration are mainly active in private companies such as finance, service, and manufacturing companies. Many are also employed as public officials and at public corporations through various public official examinations. Business administration graduates are currently demonstrating their abilities in various industries across society. Moreover, they are advancing to graduate schools in Korea or abroad, devoting themselves to academic research, and advancing into teaching positions (i.e. professors). More specifically, business administration graduates can proceed into the following careers:

  • Human Resources Management: Human resource departments at private corporations, human resource departments at public corporations, human resources management experts, head hunters, business management consultants, job analysts
  • Marketing: Private corporations, public corporations, market research institutions, marketing experts, public relations experts, business management consultants, statistical analysts, statistics and survey researchers
  • Finance: Business management consulting firms, finance/budget departments at public institutions, finance experts, banks, financial sector
  • Production Management: Production management officers, quality management officers, logistics management experts, quality certification review experts
  • International Management: General corporate trade, international/global departments at private corporations, international/global departments at public corporations


The field of accounting can lead to career paths such as accounting firms, accounting and finance teams at private corporations, certified accountants, tax accountants, management consultants, and M&A experts. Meanwhile, taxation can lead to career paths such as tax accounting departments at private corporations, certified accountants, customs officers, appraisers, and business management consultants.

  • Corporate accounting experts and tax experts
  • Certified accountants or tax accountants
  • Business management consulting companies
  • Government accountant positions
  • Various non-profit organizations responsible for accounting and finance professionals
  • University researchers and research institutes

Information Management

By systematically educating academic theories and practical knowledge related to information management, which has become a core discipline in today’s knowledge and information-driven era often described as an era of digital economies, the Department of Business Administration at Dongguk University develops industry-oriented experts armed with the relevant set of knowledge and skills required in our knowledge and information-driven societies. By learning how to manage and develop businesses, the Department of Business Administration at Dongguk University students become professional entrepreneurs with the requisite adaptability and problem-solving skills to apply in practice. Moreover, in order to produce industry-oriented experts, Information Management as an academic major gives students the opportunity to acquire various professional certifications and licenses related to e-commerce and information processing, thereby equipping them with the ability to apply those skills to the management activities at whichever corporation or organization they choose to join in the future. More specifically, information management graduates can proceed into the following careers

  • Social/Service Networks: Private corporations, public institutions, system integration service vendors
  • Digital Business: Management/IT consulting companies, IT departments at private corporations, domestic/overseas solution vendors
  • Big Data Analysis: Private corporations, public institutions, system integration service vendors, data analysts