Department of
Business Administration

Vision, Objectives


The Department of Business Administration Specialization Group aims to produce talented managers with skill sets optimized for the era of glocal convergence. To that end, the Department uses its academic capacities in a manner that can satisfy societal needs moving forward.
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Specialization Strategy

Talent and Core Competencies (Academic Major-related)

  • Based on Dongguk University’s core competencies of becoming a “true leader” - compassion, creativity, enterprising spirit, globally competent capacity, professional capacity – the Department’s specialization strategy aims to reinforce each student’s capacity to incorporate knowledge and information from different fields, and their ability to recognize and understand changing trends.
  • Capacity to Incorporate Knowledge and Information: A skill that plays a central role in organizing knowledge and information interconnected in different ways to better utilize them in light of the 4th industrial revolution. To that end, the Department believes that “Business Administration is the perfect candidate.
  • Ability to Recognize and Understand Changing Trends: A skill in Business Administration that studies and develops normative, practical, and methodical capacities required in recognizing, predicting, and adapting to new changes.

Specialization Objectives

Develop creative and multi-talented individuals driven by an enterprising spirit

  • The key to “entrepreneurship” is an endeavoring and progressive spirit, as well as an appetite to take risks based on the predictive powers of analytics. Entrepreneurship is an essential quality all leaders must possess.
  • Entrepreneurship is the most important mental aspect which students enrolled in Business Administration-related programs must develop. It helps students cultivate a future vision, set goals, develop themselves, take on new challenges, and motivate them for academic excellence.
  • The Department of Business Administration offers a strategic approach that can help entrepreneurs start their own businesses by optimizing their professional experience at other corporations or organizations.

Specialization Strategy

  • 01Reinforce leadership and liberal arts-related capacities
    • To instill a sense of entrepreneurship in its students, a few years ago, the Department of Business Administration began offering courses on various liberal arts subjects. Today, the list of liberal arts courses has expanded significantly to help students build their capacities as future entrepreneurs even further. One example is the Classics in Liberal Arts course, which requires students to read some of the best-known books in various liberal arts fields.
  • 02Offer programs designed to reinforce collaborative and learning capacities
    • The 4th industrial revolution is expected to create a society where the ability to learn more effectively is of critical importance. As such, the Faculty must develop effective collaborative learning strategies for students moving forward.
    • The Faculty must use capacity building programs to teach students how to communicate with fellow students and colleagues participating in these collaborative learning initiatives, and how to achieve common goals by collaborating with other people.
    • The Faculty needs to research and develop ways to diversify learning methods based on curricular, extra-curricular, and integrated approaches.
    • The Faculty needs to develop and offer assessment methods for new collaborative learning methods.
  • 03Reinforce glocal capacities
    • To reinforce glocal capacities, the Faculty offers subjects for international students, involves academic advisors from different countries, compiles a DB for foreign alumni, offers mentoring programs linking domestic and international students, and offers overseas market tour programs. The Faculty will proceed with the K-Move School project (for students seeking employment in the US) next year.