Department of
Business Administration



Accounting is an academic discipline that involves learning systems designed to help business managers and external stakeholders make correct decisions by quickly and accurately interpreting and delivering financial information. In order to achieve this academic objective, the Accounting program features courses that develop experts equipped with both the practical experience and theoretical knowledge in accounting systems such as financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, accounting information systems, and accounting audits.

Academic Objectives

  • Acquire the requisite financial accounting knowledge, and develop management and analysis skills necessary for business administration.
  • Hone scientific and rational management skills by acquiring knowledge of management accounting and cost accounting.
  • Acquire knowledge of tax accounting to learn tax reporting and management skills required by corporations and organizations.

Target Competencies

  • 01Ability to understand a corporation’s financial reporting system, and prepare financial statements
  • 02Ability to use financial information for cost analysis, financing, and investment decisions
  • 03Ability to understand and perform required tax reports based on the available financial information

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and apply basic accounting principles
  • Understand and effectively apply financial accounting principles
  • Understand and apply cost and management accounting principles
  • Understand and apply tax law and tax accounting principles
  • Apply accounting principles and techniques in the overall administration of businesses

Future Career Options

Employment as a professional accounting expert and tax expert at a private corporation, a freelance certified accountant or certified tax accountant, employment at a consulting company specializing in business administration, employment as a professional accounting expert at a government ministry/agency, a professional accounting expert and financial expert at a non-profit organization, a university professor, or a researcher at an institute